Why is it necessary to spread sand and rubber granules when maintaining artificial turf?

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Artificial turf sports field rental services are becoming more and more popular, and artificial turf maintenance services are also receiving more attention. In artificial turf maintenance, in addition to cleaning the grass surface, checking the quality of the field, the quality of the drainage – lighting system, etc., spreading sand and rubber granules on the turf is also very important. and is considered the most important step in the maintenance process. In this article, LUX98 SPORT will answer the question “Why is it necessary to spread sand and rubber granules when maintaining artificial turf?” One way to clearly. Please refer to it.

Why is it necessary to spread sand and rubber granules when maintaining artificial turf?

To create an artificial turf field, sand and rubber granules are two very important materials, because they contribute to reducing physical impacts for players as well as ensuring the quality of the field is durable. Pretty.

During the process of exploiting the football field, the mechanical impacts of the players when moving on the field such as running, jumping, kicking, along with the influence of weather such as heavy rain, flooding,… cause the amount of sand and particles to increase. Rubber on the field can be lost and become uneven on the field. Rubber particles can even be concentrated on the two boundaries or four corners of the field, causing less rubber particles in the middle of the field. At this point, your artificial turf will no longer meet the thickness standards, leading to the grass fibers being longer than the original 1.5 cm standard. The grass carpet becomes bare, sunken, and the grass fibers become weak and difficult to stand due to lack of support. If maintenance work is not performed, grass fibers in locations with little rubber will rise higher than standards, easily unraveling and breaking, affecting the quality of the turf surface.

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This also loses the beauty of the artificial turf and seriously affects the quality of the practice field, reducing the required durability and elasticity of the field. This reduces the performance standards, affects the match results, and the feeling of playing as well as the safety of the players is no longer guaranteed.

Besides, when too much sand and rubber granules are lost, the lawn can easily become wet during the rainy season, creating conditions for factors that damage the yard such as fungus and mold to grow strongly. The condition of the yard becomes sinking and slippery, no longer ensuring standard quality.

In terms of aesthetics, a soccer field lacking sand and rubber granules will not attract customers to the soccer field, seriously affecting the investor’s business performance. Therefore, we need to regularly inspect, care for and maintain artificial turf, straighten the grass, spread artificial turf maintenance sand, spread rubber granules, and add sand and rubber granules to ensure The lawn always promotes its functions at its best.

Apply the following 2 methods to evenly spread sand and rubber granules for artificial turf:

There are two methods to spread sand and rubber granules evenly on the court surface: the manual method and the use of specialized machines.

The disadvantage of the manual sand spreading method is that it can cause the thickness of the sand layer and rubber particles on the field surface to be uneven, affecting the quality of the entire football field. Meanwhile, with sand pavers and rubber granules, you can maintain the soccer field more effectively, spread it more evenly, and faster than doing it by hand.

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Note: Do not mix with sand, because sand is spread first after spreading artificial grass, then use a lawn machine to let the sand fall to the base of the grass. The sand layer is spread about 2cm thick. Because artificial grass for soccer fields is quite long, spreading sand will make the grass surface adhere more tightly. After spreading the sand, we will proceed to spread the rubber granules.

The article on LUX98 SPORT explained “Why is it necessary to spread sand and rubber granules when maintaining artificial turf?” as well as pointing out notes when choosing whether the manual or machine spreading method will be effective. Hope you will enjoy the useful information. Please contact us immediately if you are in need of artificial turf maintenance. With constantly updated technical technology and extensive working experience, LUX98 SPORT promises to make you most satisfied when Use our maintenance service package.



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