4 common mistakes when constructing artificial turf football fields that investors need to know


Football, tennis, etc. are quite popular sports in today’s life, so many investors are interested. But to construct a field requires a lot of dedication and investment to avoid unnecessary errors. Below, let’s join LUX98 SPORT to refer to common errors when constructing an artificial turf football field.

What is artificial grass?

In today’s life, in addition to using natural grass, but because it is quite expensive and requires regular maintenance, people also use artificial grass to line the yard.

This type of grass helps save costs when constructing, can be used for a long time, and also ensures playing conditions that are no worse than natural grass fields. In particular, it also reduces the cost of hiring workers to clean and care for the grass each month.

In addition, the factors of high durability, good friction, and avoiding significant harmful effects for athletes are what make artificial turf special, especially in sports such as football and tennis. , easily causes injury and requires the quality of the field to always be in the best condition.

Cỏ nhân tạo sân bóng

Artificial grass does not pollute the surrounding environment, is friendly and safe for the health of participants.

4 common mistakes when constructing artificial turf football fields

The subfloor does not meet the quality standards in construction

In constructing the yard surface, the subfloor is the most important factor. If not done according to construction standards, the field surface will have poor quality leading to subsidence, broken foundation, convex surface or water retention, etc. This will affect the quality of the field surface. rotting and damaging artificial grass as well as wasting the investor’s funds.

Subjective errors such as:

  • Unreputable contractors still carry out construction on weak ground under loose supervision, do not advise customers about potential risks with weak foundations or investors are afraid to spend money and ignore technical warnings. from the contractor.
  • The quality of base and grit is poor, the construction unit does not clearly advise on the dosage and quality of base grit needed for the yard’s surface standards.
  • Even though the weather conditions are not favorable, construction is still carried out. For example, when it rains, the ground is still wet and weak, but bulldozers and road rollers are still allowed to level it. Moisture still persists, leading to damage to the yard.

These are errors that can come from the construction unit’s technique or simply the investor’s eagerness to speed up the immediate work progress while ignoring the damage.

Nền hạ sân không đảm bảo chất lượng gây trũng, sụt lún

Before spreading the grass to build the artificial turf field, the construction unit was subjective and negligent in not checking for mites or not presenting the handover record of the field site to the investor,…

Negligence in the construction of drainage systems

In all types of yards, drainage is extremely important. It affects the lifespan of the football field as well as the quality of artificial grass. If you do not pay careful attention to the construction of the drainage system, it will cause flooding and low water every time it rains heavily.

Therefore, during the construction process, it is necessary to ensure a standard yard surface quality, have a good drainage system, protect the yard, dry the yard faster from bad rains as well as avoid artificial grass. broken, crumpled.

If the yard is left with stagnant water for a long time, it will affect the quality and aesthetics of the yard surface, causing additional costs for the investor.

However, during the construction of this type of yard, few contractors pay attention to this step, even if they only do it superficially so that the yard does not fall into the worst condition.

Mép cỏ không cắt gọn gàng nên làm chậm quá trình thoát nước.

Using materials and net lights that do not guarantee quality

Due to being subjective and not paying much attention to lights and nets, investors often choose cheap materials that do not guarantee longevity, durability and product quality.

Choose a cheap lamp that breaks down quickly after a short period of use compared to other specialized lamps.

Focusing on cheap types, saving immediate costs without thinking about future losses, installing poor quality lights causes the lights to quickly lose color or burn out frequently.

This greatly affects the practice yard lighting, customer experience as well as slowing down the yard’s business.

Choose to buy nets that are poorly processed, less durable, and tear quickly.

On the market, there are currently two lines of machine-woven mesh and hand-woven mesh. Although the price difference is not much, there are still many investors who rush into buying just because of the immediate cheap price.

They cannot understand that the quality of machine-woven nets is twice as good as that of handmade goods made in Vietnam or China that have not been inspected, are quick to unravel and leak quickly.

Shorten construction progress

Many people were eager to complete the football field, so they shortened the construction time of the football field. That’s why the construction of the football field became sloppy and careless.

This is the most common type of error during construction and it causes the quality of artificial turf to deteriorate more quickly.

If the investor is doing the construction themselves, they should calculate it to suit the conditions and circumstances.

In cases where there is a contractor doing the construction, choose a reputable and experienced artificial turf football field construction unit as well as commit to a thorough contract regarding construction quality as well as ensuring safety. timeline for this artificial turf project.


The demand for construction of artificial turf fields is increasing and this type of field is very popular for business exploitation, and if you are intending to invest in construction of artificial turf fields, make sure to Make sure you have carefully researched the construction contractor to bring the best quality as desired.

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