The characteristics of tennis court artificial grass you need to understand before deciding to invest


In order for the investment to bring high profit values, we need to spend a lot of time to research and learn more thoroughly about the project information. Below is an article about “characteristics of tennis court artificial grass you need to understand before deciding to invest” compiled and analyzed by LUX98 SPORT to help readers have a more general view of construction investment. artificial grass tennis court.

About the shape of artificial grass fibers

With the desire to replace natural grass, artificial grass is researched and developed based on a configuration that is 99% similar to natural grass (1% is the material used to make it). With advanced biological and chemical engineering technology, artificial grass is born with properties similar to natural grass – softness, elasticity, color, etc. That is also the reason why artificial grass for yards is created. Tennis still ensures players a comfortable and safe experience.

Sợi cỏ nhân tạo

About installation, construction and maintenance

Tennis court artificial grass does not require too strict design requirements, it can be easily spread on concrete court surfaces, dirt court surfaces… even plastic floors. However, during the construction process of artificial turf, there will be an additional layer of sand and rubber granules to achieve maximum efficiency.

In maintenance and upkeep: artificial grass often has short construction time, easy maintenance, and requires little labor to care for. The main work when maintaining is cleaning and checking the quality of the yard. Because of its convenience and simplicity, tennis court artificial grass is especially suitable for tennis courts with high exploitation intensity (service rental courts).

About the diversity of colors and types

Because it is an artificial product, the colors and types of artificial grass are very diverse and rich, so it is highly flexible. Investors will have more choices that suit their expectations, ensuring turf quality and high aesthetics. An outstanding feature of tennis court artificial grass is its uniform color, non-fading and high durability, especially it does not require as much care time as natural grass.

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About chemical properties

Tennis court artificial grass is made up of materials such as PE plastic, so it has good water permeability, helping the court drain water quickly when it rains heavily. Besides, this artificial grass does not fade over time (if maintained periodically), has good durability, elasticity, flexibility in use, and good resistance to decomposition, suitable for the environment. Vietnam’s climatic conditions.

About safety

With a specially designed construction process including layers of rubber and rubber granules as well as raw materials and structural materials. Therefore, artificial grass has properties that reduce physical and mechanical impacts on players when a collision occurs. Playing tennis on artificial turf is much safer than clay and hard courts. During physical exercise and sports, athletes’ muscles, ligaments and joints are easily concussed when slipping or falling on the field surface. Therefore, reducing the impact force and friction force on participating athletes when they fall or fall is absolutely necessary to ensure.

Specification of tennis court artificial grass:

  • Height: depending on the type of yard, grass height usually ranges from 10mm, 13mm, 20mm.
  • Distance between grass fibers: 3/8 inch, 3/16 inch, 5/16 inch, 5/32 inch depending on the desired level of grass coverage that the investor desires.
  • Raw materials and components: 100% PP, PE straight grass clusters imported from England.
  • Dtex: 6600, 8800.
  • Bottom layer of grass: There are 2 layers, anti-UV, anti-heat resistance.
  • Coating: DOW.

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Outstanding advantages compared to natural grass:

  • No need to waste time and effort on fertilizing and watering
  • Suitable for design on all terrain materials such as soil, cement, plastic floors, etc.
  • Save maintenance costs compared to natural grass
  • Has a long lifespan and effective long-term use
  • Tennis court artificial grass has high performance, meeting the needs of players continuously 24/7, very suitable for service businesses.

Through the article on LUX98 SPORT, we hope to help you have more information about the characteristics of tennis court artificial grass as well as an overview to make an estimate before deciding to invest in construction. If you have any questions or need further advice about the characteristics of tennis court artificial grass. Don’t hesitate to contact LUX98 SPORT immediately to receive enthusiastic sharing and support from our staff.