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Summary of sports stadium construction service process

Below is a basic overview of the process by which LUX98 SPORTS performs sports stadium construction services for customers. In fact, construction still requires a lot of experience and technique to produce a quality lawn. This is thanks to construction experience and friction in many cases. Especially LUX98 SPORTS has constructed over 1,000 grass fields so it knows the best way for customers who want sports competition services.


At LUX98 SPORTS, we construct courts for various sports such as tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton, etc. But here we will basically declare the estimated costs of 2 main types of courts: Badminton and Badminton. Basketball for your reference:

For basketball court

The standard size of a basketball court according to FIBA is 28.65 x 15.24m, area 436.64m2.

  • The cost for a yard using PVC carpet is about 5.000 – 9.000 USD for the entire yard (PVC carpet prices range from 15 – 40 USD/m2).

  • For yards using acrylic paint: For every 1m2 of yard, about 15$ is needed for 5 layers (primer paint, topcoat, color paint, line paint and silica sand), equivalent to about 2.000 USD – 3000 USD/yard.

Note that construction time should choose sunny days to ensure convenient and quick construction quality.

For badminton court

  • If using PVC carpet, the carpet price is 1.000 USD – 1.400 USD /set.

  • If using acrylic paint, the size of a 20L barrel costs ~100 USD/barrel, using 2 layers for an area of 100m2. The area of the badminton court according to FIBA standards is 108m2. So need at least 8 barrels, 20L size, total price about 1.000 USD

  • If using silicon PU paint, the average price is about 276 thousand/m2, the total cost is about 1.400 USD/yard.

The estimated cost of constructing a badminton court is about 500 USD – 1.500 USD (depending on the type of material used to make the yard) for the cost of building the yard, not including other materials.


Concrete Surface Treatment During Construction

  • Before constructing the sports field, we will treat the surface of the field to ensure the construction process goes smoothly. The first is to treat the yard surface.
  • There are many types of artificial turf surfaces today with different uses. In it, the base layer is fixed with commonly used materials such as concrete, crushed stone, wood, composite, carpet or polymer.
  • To put these materials into use in constructing the stadium, we must first treat the concrete field surface.
  • The process of treating the yard surface requires a team of professional workers with many years of experience in the field to ensure no damage to the structure of the floors below the yard.

Alphast Plastic Surface Treatment Before Construction

  • The average concrete floor is 10cm-15cm thick, and must be reinforced concrete to avoid cracking. Concrete is poured in good weather and the slope according to world standards is 0.833- 1%.
  • The concrete floor for the Sports Stadium must be poured in sunny weather when poured. After pouring, we should not roll a layer of paste to create a shed on the concrete floor. The concrete floor needs to be carefully inspected with grinding stones.
  • Carry out this work by hand and by professional workers to detect weak concrete locations and remove impurities mixed in the concrete.
  • Note: If it is a new concrete floor, it needs at least 14 days of drying time before applying paint layers to the concrete surface.

Apply waterproof paint

  • The important requirement before painting is that the yard surface is dust-free and dry
  • It is the first layer of paint that comes into contact with the concrete surface and is responsible for waterproofing.
  • This is a special paint layer that is resistant to water and adheres extremely well to the surface of the yard
  • Depending on the conditions of the yard, we can paint 1 or 2 layers

Construction of sports stadium padding layer

  • Can apply from 02 to 03 layers of buffer until the surface reaches drainage and water stagnation standards according to standards.
  • Wait for the surface to dry completely before applying the next layer.

Construction of Sports Stadium coating

  • Between each coat, inspect the entire surface in detail
  • Repair any surface imperfections, scrape to remove any blemishes, use a broom or blower to clean away dirt
  • Use a paint scraper with a rubber blade to apply the coating
  • Paint layer 01 with the colors specified in the color chart (colors chosen by the investor)
  • Apply layer 02 on top of the dried layer 01. You can apply layer 03 if necessary.

Paint lines and draw lines for Sports Stadiums

  • After completing the coating, prepare the line marking paint for the competition area
  • All lines are applied by painting between masking tape using a brush or roller
  • The width and length of the lines comply with the standard Sports Stadium dimension drawing
  • Besides, we also need to construct the following elements:

Fence around the playing field (if the field is outdoor)

  • The fence around the yard is a twisted steel mesh about 43m high
  • Wall thickness is 3.5mm with an average distance between links of 40x40mm.
  • After the steel mesh is stretched and connected, this 5mm steel wire is stretched into 2 lines, then the stretched steel wires are fixed with connectors.

Lighting and Electrical Works

  • We need 4-8 400W Metal Halide lamp projectors installed in the projector column.
  • Electrical connections should be made using 4×4 NYY Rubber Insulated Cable (if the product is TSE certified that is best).
  • Electrical installation up to the panel is installed and the projector is supplied in working condition.

Equipment Assembly

  • Installation of equipment suitable for the project is done on the ground using barriers. (Sports Poles and other accessories)
  • Important notes when constructing sports fields
  • Close the lid of the paint container and keep it in a cool, dry place. The paint mixed with the hardener must be used within the prescribed time.
  • Construction should be done in a well-ventilated area, away from sources of fire
  • Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes, use protective equipment, gloves, and glasses

Regarding the field of Sports Stadium painting construction, with a team of technical staff with many years of experience in the profession, we will help you own the most professional Sports Stadiums today.

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Standard sports stadiums include the following requirements:

  • The grass or competition floor carpet is firmly spread, the glue layers are evenly applied to prevent players from slipping
  • The ground layer must be firm to avoid water accumulation and poor drainage leading to reduced lifespan of artificial grass/floor mats.
  • Full lighting system to ensure player visibility
  • The lines on the tennis court must be clear, straight and equal in width and evenly spaced
Sports Field Requirement


  • Extensive experience, knowing how to optimize costs for customers thanks to experience in constructing over 1,000 lawns in 3 countries

  • Professional team of engineers and workers with 12 years of experience

  • High-quality raw materials are imported and self-produced, optimizing time and quality for customers

  • The cost of providing raw materials and labor is 20% cheaper than the entire market

  • Taking reputation as trust for customers, we will closely monitor the construction process as well as your warranty period.





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