Investors need to clearly understand lighting standards in tennis courts


Tennis is a very popular sport today, helping to exercise and entertain after stressful working hours. To be able to have a perfect training session, the issue of lighting standards in the tennis court is also something worth paying attention to. Next, let’s learn more about this issue with LUX98 SPORT.

What is tennis court lighting?

Tennis court lighting is an activity aimed at providing light in the best conditions for the entire court surface when players compete and practice.

In particular, the type of lamp used for the entire yard must be a lamp with good light and a wide spectrum to cover the entire yard and be safe for human health.

Normally, these lighting systems will be arranged on both sides of the field on vertical light axes, ensuring the best quality for players.

Illumination indicators

  • Eh average (lux): is the average illuminance value falling on a horizontal surface, parallel to the field.
  • Emin/Eh ave: is the ratio between the minimum illuminance falling on a horizontal surface and the average illuminance falling on a horizontal surface. This is the value to evaluate the level of uniform light distribution on horizontal surfaces.
  • GR: is an index indicating the luminance of light on the field surface, this index has a scale from 10 to 90.
  • K: is the color temperature of the light source.
  • Ra: color rendering index, this index has a scale from 0 to 100.

Tennis court lighting standards and benefits

Lighting design covers the yard

Lighting design in a tennis court is an extremely necessary thing whether this is a professional tennis court or just a sports practice field for households. Because tennis is a sport that requires high concentration and monitoring from the athletes or spectators watching the match.

In any condition, the ball’s path must be clearly determined, ensuring the best match. To do that, when designing tennis court lighting, we also have to pay attention to the length and width of the court (WxL) and the height the ball can reach (H). Therefore, lighting must be designed to cover the entire yard.

Whether a match is successful or not depends greatly on the quality of light. The playing field must meet standards and brightness so that the players can clearly see the path of the ball and concentrate highly on the ball. opponent’s moves. Therefore, lighting standards in tennis courts are very important and necessary.

Carefully calculate the position of the light pole as well as the height of the light:

You need to learn about illuminance carefully to be able to place the appropriate type of lamp.

The surfaces of the court need to have the correct illuminance, which means an average and uniform level of light spectrum covering the entire field. This criterion is required because when there is standard illumination, players will not be dazzled or feel uncomfortable during competition while still ensuring brightness on the court.

In addition, the location of the light poles and the height of the lights are just as important as choosing the right lights. The height of the light pole must be designed according to professional tennis court standards, the light pole height must be guaranteed to be no lower than 12m.

Light poles should be placed evenly around the yard to ensure that the amount of light is distributed as evenly as possible on the yard.

This is also the most important part of the design stage, determining the performance of the lighting system on the field

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Limit spill light in tennis court lighting design:

In the process of designing the lighting system for the tennis court, the lighting factor covering the court must always be optimal, but in addition, the investor also needs to eliminate unnecessary overflow light that affects the atmosphere. time as well as the mood of the players.

Dealing with spilled light in other areas helps athletes and spectators focus more on the match, in addition, we can save electricity, field living costs or protect the environment. against factors such as light pollution, electricity waste, etc.

Lighting standards in the yard are designed to best suit:

Different types of yards will have lighting designs suitable for them. The requirements will be spread out differently from club fields, study fields or other types of top-notch, national, international competition fields, etc.

Depending on the yard’s standards, the lighting design has different standards. Fields for training, fields for club level competitions, fields for top level competitions, national and international levels, etc. will have different requirements.

In addition, investors need to pay attention to the coefficients of the lighting system. During the design process, they must regularly check and edit appropriate and timely designs and at the same time describe the lighting. before starting the actual installation work on the fields.

Must prepare carefully to avoid incorrect installation cases, wasting time and refinishing costs. Because of this, the process of choosing a tennis court construction company is also something that must be carefully considered.

The above criteria help create a perfect, aesthetically pleasing tennis court, achieving the wishes of the players as well as the wishes of the investor.

Yard owners will save quite a bit of money if they install these lighting systems properly, choose the right type, and save monthly energy as well as design and maintenance costs for the lights, and can protect their property. Greener, cleaner and more beautiful environment.

Current reputable tennis court construction address?

Hopefully the above article will provide you with more information about lighting standards in tennis courts. For all problems and needs regarding tennis court construction services, please contact LUX98 SPORT – a reputable tennis court construction company with affordable prices.



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