Lux98 Sports – Specializing in Construction of the Number One Quality Pickleball Court in Cambodia

Today, Pickleball sport is becoming more and more popular and loved in many countries, including Cambodia. To meet the increasing demand for quality playgrounds, Lux98 Sports is proud to be the leading Pickleball court construction company in Cambodia, committed to bringing the best and safest sports experience to players.

Why Choose Lux98 Sports For Your Pickleball Court?

1. Construction Quality Meets International Standards

Lux98 Sports always puts quality first. We use high-quality materials that meet all international standards to ensure that the Pickleball court is always beautiful and safe, providing an ideal playing environment for both amateur and professional players.

2. Team of Professional Technicians

With a team of experienced and highly specialized technicians, Lux98 Sports is committed to completing all construction projects on schedule and with quality. We always listen and respond to all customer requests to bring the most perfect Pickleball courts.

3. Best After-Sales Service

Not only focusing on the construction process, Lux98 Sports also takes care of customers after the project is completed. We provide regular court maintenance and upgrade services, helping your Pickleball court maintain its best quality over time.

Pickleball Court Construction Process At Lux98 Sports

Lux98 Sports always follows a professional and scientific working process to ensure each Pickleball court is of the highest quality. Construction steps include:

  1. Survey and Design: Understand needs and survey the terrain to design the most suitable yard.
  2. Field Preparation: Clean and level the site to ensure the yard is built on a solid foundation.
  3. Construction: Use high quality equipment and materials to construct the Pickleball court according to design drawings.
  4. Finishing: Check and finalize details, ensuring the yard is ready for use.


If you are looking for a reputable and quality Pickleball court construction unit in Cambodia, Lux98 Sports is the top choice. With a commitment to quality and excellent service, we believe we will bring you the most ideal and sustainable playground. Please contact Lux98 Sports today for advice and a detailed quote!

Lux98 Sports – Reliable Partner for All Sports Projects!

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