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We need to maintain our lawn for the following reasons:

– Rubber particles will gradually disappear after a period of use, a small part will get into the players’ shoes, and a part will drift towards the sidelines or corners of the field due to rain.

– After a while, artificial grass will break, split, and not stand up straight like when it was first made.

– The field surface may have a few concave streaks because the ground has not been compacted from the beginning.

– Lighting system: after a while the lights may dim or burn out, the wiring. Lamp posts and brackets, under the impact of time and weather, have moss on their equipment or degraded power lines after long periods of use, causing dangerous electrical accidents.


Maintaining artificial turf is not a simple job and requires strict compliance with rules and regulations to ensure that other components on the turf are not damaged during maintenance.
You can perform lawn maintenance yourself or hire an outside company specializing in artificial turf construction to do this work.
For turf, there are currently 3 main maintenance methods: Manual maintenance method, rake maintenance method and comprehensive machine maintenance method.

Manual maintenance method

This method uses a tooth scraper to evenly brush the grass surface, redoing areas with a thick density of rubber granules. In areas lacking, add more rubber granules accordingly. Use professional help to build up areas where the grass falls over due to over-riding.

Maintenance method using scraper

The rake will perform two jobs at the same time: spreading the rubber particles evenly and rebuilding the grass on the entire field surface.

Comprehensive mechanical maintenance method

The method of integrating multiple tools on the same machine makes productivity faster and more efficient. The machine will pull up the grass fibers buried in the ground, remove damaged grass fibers, and at the same time loosen the rubber granules and spread them evenly on the grass surface.

For lighting systems, for maintenance, you must be sure to completely disconnect the power source and then begin a comprehensive check of the lights and wires to see if there are any exposed lines or not…

For the screen frame system, be careful not to place the mesh near heat sources or chemicals to avoid damage to the material. Adjust the mesh tension appropriately, do not pull it too tight, leading to damage to the mesh. You should choose a quality net, especially the bottom 2m area of the net is usually where the ball bears the most force.


STEP 1: Clean the soccer field surface, remove trash and gravel that does not belong to the field surface.

First we will thoroughly clean the entire field. This is a job that should be done every day to ensure the field is always clean, avoiding trash or harmful substances mixed into the field. Next, brush the entire field with a lawn brush, especially areas that are often stepped on, such as penalty kicks. Dislodge areas where rubber particles are piled up. At the same time, check whether fresh natural grass appears on the field and proceed with treatment to ensure the quality of the entire artificial turf.

STEP 2: Paste any peeling or damaged spots on the soccer field surface.

Check the entire edge of the grass to see if it is peeling or damaged, then glue and align areas that have deviated from their original position.

STEP 3: Add rubber granules to the qualified court surface.

The amount of rubber particles is often partly reduced due to natural conditions or a small amount sticks to the soles of players’ shoes. Therefore, additional rubber granules must be added to ensure the elasticity of the turf is restored.

STEP 4: Blow rubber granules onto the grass layer with a periodic maintenance machine.

After a long period of use, the rubber seeds will sink and make the grass surface harder. Blasting rubber granules onto the grass will help the turf become soft and elastic again after a long period of use.

STEP 5: Pull and spread the rubber beads over the entire field.

This step will also be done by machine to ensure safety and effectively spread the seeds over the entire yard.

STEP 6: Sink the rubber seeds below the grass blades.

After sanding the seeds, pulling and spreading the seeds, the machine will use a machine to sink the seeds back into the grass layer to restore elasticity to the grass surface, and at the same time help the grass surface to be evenly colored, creating beauty for the entire lawn.

STEP 7: Check the shade net system and lighting system to fix damage, if any.

We will in turn check the outdoor light bulb system, light poles, light holders, electrical wiring and grid system to see if there is any damage and proceed to fix it.

For example, if the light is dim or burned out, it will be replaced with a new one. The mesh frame will be checked to see if it is sagging so it can be stretched back to its original position. You should also check the mesh regularly to promptly replace and repair it. Pulling the net too tight or strong impacts will cause the net to quickly fail.

Because these soccer field materials are used entirely outdoors under many harsh weather conditions, it is difficult to avoid damage. In addition to regular maintenance, you should also contact the local electrical technician to check the power lines regularly to avoid electric leakage. Concrete lamp posts also need to be cleaned 1-2 times a month, especially during the rainy season. This helps keep the pillar from getting mossy. Iron and steel lamp posts should be surrounded by grass, to both look beautiful and avoid electric leakage.


After conducting routine maintenance of the artificial turf soccer field using machines, the soccer field has been restored to good condition with the following advantages.

  • Rubber beads are spread on the field to avoid slipping while the players move, and the ball’s bounce will also be better.

  • The yard surface is as beautiful as new, no longer peeling.

  • Pulling up a large amount of grass that has been buried under sand, rubber granules, and straightening the grass fibers helps the field surface to be in the best condition.


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