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At LUX98 SPORTS we provide all materials for soccer fields with a variety of designs and products of good quality and the most competitive prices in Kingdom of Cambodia, partly because we have our own production facility so we can optimize for customers.
Besides, we delivery nationwide and delivery time is fast (2-3 days for suburban provinces). You can refer to the supplies we provide below!



Keeping players safe: The soccer net system is an important soccer field equipment that helps players in the field control foreign objects flying in from outside and the spectators watching outside are also safe because The ball is not kicked out.

Ball blocking nets are an indispensable item in artificial turf fields. They have many effects, the main effect of which is to help block and control the ball from flying out. In addition, the ball net also helps keep the match stable, without having to constantly change the ball, helping to ensure a smooth flow of play and safety for passersby.

Normally, ball blocking nets are manufactured with compounds: PE, PP, PES,… this helps the net not only increase its sturdiness but also be durable under harsh weather conditions.


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Goal net is a soccer field material that is often produced in the form of parachute fiber material. Although produced on an industrial scale, goal nets are often highly durable, completely ensuring quality in matches.

It can be said that the ball blocking net contributes significantly to beautiful shots, bringing inspiration to participants.

Come to LUX98 SPORTS to be provided with the best goal nets for your soccer field.




Rubber granules are considered the most important material in soccer field supplies, partly because they help limit injuries to players if they slip and fall. Besides, rubber seeds also help the soccer field increase its bounce and softness. Finally, artificial turf will have a longer lifespan if combined with rubber granules, this helps football field owners save costs in the long term.

And it should be noted that a 1m2 soccer field requires 5kg of rubber seeds. Many soccer field owners save on rubber granules, which leads to the artificial grass on the field quickly falling, degrading and splitting. So investing in rubber seeds is also the most optimal and long-term investment for your soccer field.

It can be said that the rubber beads at LUX98 SPORTS are very diverse in design and price, so they are extremely suitable for all your purposes. In addition, to choose the most suitable and optimal price rubber granules, please contact LUX98 SPORTS immediately (contact information at the bottom of the page) to receive free consultation!




The lighting system is an indispensable product when it comes to soccer field supplies. Below are all the elements that make up the lighting system, including:

Metal halide lamps to headlights,…

Power poles,

Electrical wires and accessories,…

Of great importance, a bad lighting system helps players concentrate better, and also helps players minimize injuries. In addition, the professional lighting system also helps the soccer field increase its aesthetics and safety for the soccer field as well as the players.

It is revealed that a good lighting system makes your football field more beautiful. Visitors who come and play sports will see that your field has good lighting quality and will come back next time.

Because office customers often go to play football after 6pm, the lighting system is extremely important for you to attract customers and you absolutely should not ignore this period.



In high-caliber and professional matches, a solid ball-blocking goal is definitely a deciding factor in the success of the match. The goal combined with ball protection nets of different heights will meet diverse needs in all cases.

There are 3 main types of soccer field goals as follows:

Mini soccer field (goal for this field is for 5 people)

7-player soccer field goal

Soccer field goal for 11 people.

In general, depending on the type of soccer field, there will be goals of different sizes for you to choose from. And if you want to buy a good quality ball blocking goal, free installation support, fast shipping (because we have 3 branches in 3 regions, shipping time is always faster than other suppliers).

You also get a goal warranty if there is an error when purchasing at LUX98 SPORTS, contact us now and receive free consultation at the best price!

We currently have additional artificial turf construction services for your reference



– Genuine products, competitive prices. Transparent and true to commitment

– Provide quality maintenance services to increase the yard’s operating time

– Consulting on marketing packages to increase the efficiency of football field business operations

– Some materials are self-produced so shipping time is fast, at least 3 days

– Providing artificial grass imported from reputable suppliers in the world such as CCGrass, AVG, Polytan,… with quantities of hundreds of thousands of square meters/year.