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Below is a basic overview of the process LUX98 SPORTS carries out to construct tennis courts for customers.
In fact, construction requires a lot of experience and exclusive techniques to produce a quality lawn. This is thanks to the experience of constructing and examining many different cases and yard types that not everyone has enough time and number of projects to achieve.
This is also a special thing at LUX98 SPORTS, because we have 8 years of experience in this field in 3 countries with a large enough number of constructed fields.
So this is what we are confident about being able to provide customers with a durable and beautiful competition-standard tennis court.


Below is the average price of tennis court construction (court surface material is artificial grass), we have statistics from deployed tennis court projects according to purpose of use, you can refer to:

Tennis court for general entertainment and skill practice (for families): 23,000 USD – 27,000 USD million. Area: 33.53m x 16.46m

Tennis courts at resorts, resorts, and near the sea are higher because the marine environment easily oxidizes iron and steel: 32,000 USD – 40,000 USD million. Standard area: 34.75m x 17.07m

Tennis courts for professional competitions require meeting ITF standards: 32,000 USD million – 39,000 USD. Area: 36.57m x 18.29m.

When calculating the total tennis court investment, you need to add costs for renting space and artificial turf costs. At this time, tennis court investment costs can range from 44,000 USD – 53,000 USD.

The cost of constructing the above tennis court depends greatly on the existing foundations, materials used and actual volume. The price to build a tennis court may be lower or higher than the above prices.

You should survey the quality and prices at many different units to compare for yourself. The most important thing is to find a reputable construction unit that ensures construction quality and construction costs that match the market price.



Tennis court construction is divided into the following main court surface types:

  • HARD COURSE: natural court for attacking play. With this type of yard, the surface is made of concrete or Asphalt (asphalt). The court surface is also covered with many layers of synthetic rubber or acrylic plastic. In general, this yard is quite popular in Vietnam. This type of yard applies standard construction of 6 layers of paint.

  • CLAY COURT: This is the most popular type of court after hard courts. This type of court is not popular in places with bad weather or rain. The yard was constructed from crushed brick materials. Tennis balls played on this court usually have a low flight speed. In addition, this court surface has quite good friction speed. The minus point is that it is very easy to absorb water when it rains.

  • COURSE: Tennis balls when played on grass have a high flight speed and are relatively unpredictable. Li’s explanation for this is that the court surface takes away a lot of energy when the ball makes contact, so the ball’s speed is faster and the bounce is also lower. Therefore, matches taking place on this surface take place at a relatively fast pace. Athletes playing on this field often have to move quickly and a lot to keep up with the speed of play.



1. Prepare standard surface when constructing tennis court

The first step is extremely important to ensure a standard tennis court with few errors as well as saving on future warranty costs. There are two main types of tennis court surfaces: asphalt (also known as asphalt) or concrete.

With a concrete field surface, LUX98 SPORTS follows these steps:


  • It is necessary to ensure that the concrete surface is always flat when the concrete dries. The yard needs to have the correct slope (0.8 – 1%). This factor is similar to the slope of the asphalt surface.

  • Concrete yard surfaces need at least 25 days to proceed with the next construction steps. In addition, a good court surface needs to be able to withstand high mechanical impacts.

Asphalt court surface:
  • After the asphalt surface layer dries, the surface will be flat. According to the old standards, the concrete surface needs to have a standard slope of 0.8 – 1% to help the turf have good drainage. This also helps the artificial grass to be durable and prevent players from slipping.

  • The surface needs to be carefully machined to have solidity as well as good bearing capacity.

  • The surface of the asphalt yard needs to be compacted and hardened by a roller. After 14 days, the Aspalt stadium’s foundation stabilized to continue construction

  • Check and make sure there is no grease, dust or dirt, etc.

2. Apply the buffer layer

Below is how LUX98 SPORTS performs the construction of padded tennis courts for customers:

  • Mix fine-grained sand with specialized paint. In this step, it is necessary to use an electric mixer with a stirring paddle to disperse. Then, use a paint scraper to apply the above mixture to the entire yard area.

  • Note: You can apply 2 or 3 layers of padding until the surface drains and drains all traces of water. In short, you need to wait for the surface to dry completely before applying the next layer.

3. Construction of tennis court

  • Each coat of paint in the system must be completely dry before the next application. This is a must!

  • Between each coat, inspect the entire surface in detail. Repair any surface defects, scrape to remove any bad spots, use a broom or blower to clean away dirt.

  • Dilute specialized paint with clean water, use a mixer with a paddle attachment to dissolve. Use a paint scraper with a rubber blade to apply yard paint.

  • Paint layer 01 with the colors specified in the color chart (colors chosen by the investor).

  • Let the paint film dry completely, at least 6 to 8 hours.

  • Apply layer 02 on top of the dried layer 01. You can apply layer 03 if necessary.

  • The amount of water used to thin specialized paint may exceed the specified amount when the coating dries too quickly.

  • Must have actual site experience before adding additional water.

4. Paint tennis court lines

  • After completing the coating of the tennis court, the next step is to prepare the line marking paint for the competition area. Note that all lines are applied by painting between the masking tape with a brush or roller.

  • However, the width and length of the lines must comply with the general standard tennis court size drawing.

  • LUX98 SPORTS only uses specialized paint for construction, so our customers always have a durable court surface over time.

  • After waiting for the paint film to dry, peel off all the tape immediately after the paint on the lines has dried.

Above are some shares about the tennis court construction process for readers and investors. If you are planning to build your own tennis court but do not yet have the knowledge, please contact us for detailed and completely free advice.


Standard artificial turf includes the following requirements:

  • The grass or competition floor mats are spread firmly, safely, comfortably, and the glue layers are evenly applied to prevent players from slipping.

  • The ground layer must be firm to avoid water accumulation and poor drainage leading to reduced lifespan of artificial grass/floor mats.

  • Full lighting system to ensure player visibility

  • The lines on the tennis court must be clear, straight and equal in width and evenly spaced

  • Playing on a quality tennis court means exercising in wet weather without slipping.

  • A standard quality tennis court is more comfortable on your knees and hips than a hard court.

  • Artificial turf surfaces maintain a beautiful appearance without cracking or peeling.

  • Quality artificial turf tennis courts require the highest playing standards set by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).



At LUX98 SPORTS, we have extensive experience and know how to optimize costs for customers thanks to our experience in constructing over 1,000 turf fields in 3 countries in Southeast Asia.

  • A team of professional engineers and workers with 8 years of experience, always dedicated to working every square meter of artificial grass for customers.

  • High-quality raw materials are imported and self-produced, optimizing time and quality for customers.

  • The cost of providing raw materials and labor is 20% cheaper than the entire market

  • Taking reputation as trust for customers, we will closely monitor the construction process as well as your warranty period.