Common problems in artificial turf and how to fix them

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Nowadays, artificial turf fields are increasingly used in everyday life to serve human needs. Therefore, investors doing business in this field should carefully research and pay attention to common problems in artificial turf fields in order to come up with the most effective solutions.

Color of artificial grass

Over time, the grass fibers become discolored and the color is no longer as intact as before due to the following reasons:

Grass processing does not meet standards: lacking anti-ultraviolet ingredients (UVA, UVB) from sunlight as well as lacking anti-aging substances.

Using poor quality artificial grass production materials along with outdated, outdated technology and not ensuring scientific quality.

In addition, using machines that do not have high technology also affects the quality of the lawn, making the grass physically unstable.

Affected by objective factors such as erratic weather changes, environmental pollution, emissions, industrial waste, etc.

Màu sắc của cỏ nhân tạo

To quickly overcome fading, investors should discuss with the contractor to choose the type of grass suitable for the business landscape, avoid installing turf in places where waste is regularly discharged. such as shops, processing companies, and should be far from the highway.

And the only solution if you have made a mistake is to adjust the type of grass to suit the field surface as well as improve the landscape around the field for the best results.

The rotten and broken condition of the artificial grass base

Poor quality artificial grass, after only a short time of use, will easily deform and rot due to poor quality of the base.

Careless processing, using glues of unknown origin as well as poor techniques, applying many thick layers of glue to create a thick base layer, easily causing breaks in the grass carpet.

Foundation construction techniques are still weak, making the field surface rough, negatively affecting the grass base above the field surface.

There is a poor drainage system, which after a long period of use causes water stagnation, leading to grass rot and decomposition.

Because of the above, investors need to be very careful in selecting construction units as well as regularly pay attention to the field surface before installing grass. Choosing the right type of artificial grass is crucial. decisive factor, moreover, you need to pay close attention to the glue layer on the grass base to avoid future damage.

Tình trạng mục nát, gãy đứt của đế cỏ nhân tạo

The artificial turf surface is not flat

During construction, due to subjective and careless techniques, the ground surface was uneven, filled with rubber granules and no grass was visible. In addition, floating rubber granules were used, so the yard surface was covered. black.

Not cleaning the yard before spreading rubber seeds will cause trash to mix on the surface of the yard, causing roughness, affecting the usage process as well as the landscape of the yard.

The entire process is the process of building an artificial turf field, so if you want to achieve the desired field quality, you need a skilled, reputable construction unit as well as careful preparation and research. Be careful of the investor’s lawn business knowledge.

Regularly maintain your lawn to improve the quality as well as the value and expectations of your lawn.

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