How to prolong the life of artificial turf?


Because of its benefits and affordable price, artificial turf is increasingly used in the construction of sports field projects. At the same time, the issue of extending the lifespan of artificial turf fields is also of concern to investors. In the following article, AT SPORT will share a few basic ways to help you prolong the life of your artificial turf field.

Some things to do when cleaning the lawn

First, to ensure that the artificial turf field is always in good working condition and can be used for a long time. What investors should pay attention to is cleaning the lawn periodically. Below are some things to do when cleaning the artificial turf, keeping the field clean and ensuring quality standards.

Design of the parking area: Not only does it help customers feel secure about preserving personal property while on the move, the design of the parking area also aims to reduce dust and tire marks on the surface. yard. Vehicles that have just been used will have high temperatures, which will also affect the quality of the artificial turf field.

Vệ sinh sân cỏ

Place many trash bins: the common point of sports stadiums is that the area is too large. Placing trash cans at long distances will make your customers lose interest when the sports process is interrupted because of trash problems. Therefore, usually they will leave it directly on the field and this will cause the yard to lose its beauty or even cause stubborn stains to appear.

Choose cleaning tools:

Brush: You should use a specialized brush made from Pa synthetic fiber or other similar materials. The minimum length of the brush should be 2.5 inches. Choosing the right brush will help the cleaning process become faster and limit physical impacts.

Brush: To maximize cleaning work, you should choose a brush with moderately soft bristles, gentle enough when scrubbing the yard.

Cleaning operation: It seems simple but is not simple, cleaning artificial turf needs to be done with specific skills and standards. When sweeping, be careful not to lose rubber particles on the artificial turf field, causing the field surface to become uneven. Brush the grass in the opposite direction. You should only do the above steps to sweep the top of the grass fibers. Do not brush too deeply into the roots. This will damage the grass fibers and cause damage to the base – unwinding the grass.

If your yard has just been completed, you should regularly brush the grass to remove any hard trash such as milk cartons, leaves, etc. (usually you should brush the yard once a week or every other week).

You should choose days with little wind to prune excess leaves and branches for plants planted around the yard. This will help you reduce the time spent cleaning up dry leaves every day, and will also keep the leaves from flying everywhere, making cleaning difficult.

Note: to prolong the life of your artificial turf field, you should not clean the field in hot, dry weather, with temperatures ranging from 33 degrees Celsius or higher. This is to avoid friction when sweeping, which will cause the grass fibers to burn. Be careful during the cleaning process, absolutely do not let substances such as oil, grease, beef fat, etc. flow on the turf surface, do not use acidic cleaning solutions. Because these types of compounds can create bad reactions that discolor and damage the grass.

Some regulations on the field

In addition to regular cleaning, you should create a table of general rules for customers participating in activities on the lawn. But be careful not to be too strict and lose customers’ hearts. Below are some general regulations that Lux98 SPORT suggests for you:

  • Clean up after leaving the yard
  • Use suitable shoes (shoes with rubber soles are recommended)
  • Do not wear shoes with spikes that are too long
  • Do not bring banned substances or explosives into the yard
  • Limit bringing food into the yard
  • Encourage players to use mineral water when entering the field
  • Do not arbitrarily open the yard cooling water discharge system (should call the yard staff).
  • Do not bring sharp or dangerous metal objects into the yard
  • No smoking
  • Do not do actions that damage the yard (pulling grass, stripping grass, etc.)

Cần phải có những quy định khi sử dụng sân cỏ nhân tạo.

Choose a reputable artificial grass maintenance unit

The quality of the training ground is always the top factor that customers care about. That’s why you should invest in regular maintenance and cleaning to prolong the life of your artificial turf. Choose reputable artificial grass maintenance units to cooperate.

With the desire to bring the best things to customers. LUX98 SPORT always focuses on investing in modern machinery, training professional staff, appropriate maintenance cost price list,… always bringing the most effective quality of work.

If you are in need of maintenance to prolong the life of your artificial turf, please contact LUX98 SPORT immediately via the hotline. Our staff will dedicatedly answer and support all your questions.



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