What is intensive artificial turf maintenance? What steps are included?


To ensure long-term quality as well as preserve the value of artificial turf, in addition to investing in good materials when constructing. Investors should pay attention to periodic cleaning and intensive maintenance of artificial turf fields, this will help prolong the life of the field and limit risk costs due to damage. The following article LUX98 SPORT will explain the concept of “What is intensive artificial turf maintenance?” And what steps are included? We invite you to take a look!

What is intensive artificial turf maintenance?

Intensive artificial turf maintenance is the implementation of inspection, evaluation and repair operations; to restore the field to its original good condition. Intensive maintenance work will affect three layers of the field: the sand layer at the bottom, the rubber layer and the grass layer on the top of the field. Remove part of the old sand layer and replace it with a soft, smooth rubber layer to restore the condition of the field. Ensure the field surface meets physical standards to limit mechanical injuries to people when a collision occurs.

Why should you perform intensive maintenance on artificial turf?

After being put into use for about 4-5 years with regular operation frequency like service rental yards. The artificial turf surface will inevitably have: rubber particles floating on the field surface, drifting away and becoming less, the amount of particles is uneven; The blades of grass are frayed, stripped of fibers, broken fibers leading to bare sand,… and even fading.

A damaged field surface is something that no investor wants, because it affects the number of visitors and the value of the investor’s business activities. Therefore, regular intensive maintenance of artificial turf is indispensable when investing in a lawn rental service.

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Steps for intensive artificial turf maintenance:

Step 1: Briefly clean around the yard

So that the maintenance process can take place smoothly and be completed quickly. Before that, you need to briefly clean the artificial turf surface, remove dirty trash such as plastic bags, water bottles, grass, trash, etc., remove gravel, sharp rocks from the surface of the field. So that when you start using specialized machines, these things will not get stuck and cause disruption to the maintenance process.

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Step 2: Check the glue spots and re-glue any peeling spots on the artificial turf surface

During construction, each artificial grass carpet will be bonded together on the substrate surface with a specialized glue (Bugjo Glue, Dog X-66,..). Since it is an artificial product, it is inevitable that there are places on the lawn with glue peeling off, peeling, etc. Therefore, the second step of the LUX98 SPORT intensive maintenance process will be to check Check and re-glue any peeling spots. When we detect peeling spots, we fix them immediately, to avoid the situation where the peeling spots will spread and damage many spots, reducing the quality of the turf.

Step 3: Add rubber granules to the yard

Conventional artificial turf fields require a layer of rubber granules spread evenly on the grass layer, to keep the grass fibers upright, reduce impact when a collision occurs, and create elasticity for the field. In the process of intensive artificial turf maintenance, this is the most important step – the step of restoring the rubber granule layer to the yard. Long-term use and frequency will cause the amount of rubber particles to be lost and the rubber particle layer to no longer be as new. Therefore, when performing routine maintenance, contractors often have to add a compatible amount of seeds so that the field can continue to be used without affecting the quality of the field.

Step 4: Knock out the rubber seeds on the grass layer

To do this job, it is necessary to operate a specialized rubber beading machine for artificial grass, so please pay attention to choosing a contractor who can meet this requirement. This step is similar to step 3 – quite important in the maintenance process, it helps old rubber particles that are firmly pressed into the field surface when used for a long time to be turned up.

Step 5: Roll and spread the rubber seeds evenly over the entire field surface

After turning up the hidden layer of rubber granules, the next thing we need to do is use a rake to evenly load the rubber granule layer over the entire field. Supplementing with new rubber granules is evenly distributed, providing quality training ground, saving the cost of buying additional rubber granules.

Step 6: Sink the rubber seeds below the grass blades

After rolling the new seed layer evenly, we continue with the step of sinking the rubber seeds under the grass layer. This will ensure the height of the grass fibers, color uniformity, and elasticity according to standards, increasing the aesthetic value of the yard.

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Step 7: Check the screen system, drainage system and lighting system to fix damage

Although they are only visual components, the mesh system, drainage system and lighting system also play a very important role when selling artificial turf services. Therefore, during the intensive maintenance process for artificial turf, we should also check the above external components. This will help our playground ensure safety for customers, reducing the risk of damage. The maintenance inspection process will take place in the following order: sequentially inspect the outdoor light bulb system, lamp posts, lamp holders, electrical wiring system and grid system to determine damage to proceed with repair. recover immediately.

Step 8: Trim natural grass and clean the area around the soccer field

Natural vegetation will contribute to creating a fresh, clean atmosphere for your sports field. Therefore, when maintaining artificial turf, please also trim and clean the surrounding area!

Choosing a specialized artificial turf maintenance contractor:

When you want to maintain your artificial turf in-depth, choosing a cooperative contractor is extremely important. Whether your yard is guaranteed quality or can be restored to its original state depends on Contractor performs maintenance. Therefore, consider choosing reputable contractors with full specialized equipment and skilled technical staff to cooperate.

LUX98 SPORT is a reputable artificial turf maintenance unit. We are proud to always bring satisfaction and the best quality experiences to customers. If you are in need of periodic maintenance or intensive maintenance for artificial turf, please contact our hotline immediately.



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