[Answering questions] Does artificial grass catch fire?


With the flexible, versatile applications and great uses that artificial grass brings. Many customers pay attention and ask many questions related to artificial grass such as “how to clean artificial grass?” How long does grass field last? How to maximize the time of using artificial grass? Where to find reputable artificial turf maintenance?… All answers to these questions have been posted by LUX98 SPORT on the official website, customers can click on the link for more detailed reference. Continuing the series of articles about answering questions for customers, today LUX98 SPORT will answer the question “Does artificial grass catch fire?”.

Does artificial grass catch fire?

As in the previous articles about artificial turf, we know that an artificial turf carpet will include grass fibers made from plastic materials (specifically PP plastic); The grass sole is rubber sole. Therefore, it is not accurate to say that artificial grass cannot catch fire, but with the above material, the possibility of its artificial turf burning is unlikely. However, when there is a fire or the fire is large enough, the lawn is still destroyed, but small fires or cigarette butts only have a small effect on the lawn.

Although the ability to catch fire is very poor, artificial grass will encounter problems of deterioration and deformation when affected by high temperatures – specifically, the grass fibers will become twisted and more brittle. That’s why we should still be careful when using substances that can cause fire or explosion or placing high-temperature objects directly on artificial grass. A typical case that makes many people worried is barbecue parties on artificial grass. In order for our party to be complete and for the lawn to not be dirty or damaged after the party, you should be careful when leaving charcoal or a grill on the lawn to avoid letting them fall directly onto the lawn. yard. Absolutely do not light a fire on the artificial turf, this will cause the plastic fibers and rubber to be damaged, even melt and cause burns to us.

Besides human impacts, weather is also a factor affecting artificial grass related to temperature. In our country, although it is not too hot to cause artificial grass to burn, with mid-range and frequent temperatures, affecting the quality of the field due to thermal factors is inevitable.

Cỏ nhân tạo bắt lửa chậm nhưng sẽ bị ảnh hưởng

Some ways to care for artificial grass

To reduce the impact of temperature on artificial grass, help it stay beautiful and prolong its use, in addition to limiting fire on the grass, we also need to pay attention to care and maintenance:

  • Do not leave cigarette butts or charcoal on the grass: after each play, be sure to clean the lawn before leaving, this will avoid the risk of fire and explosion but also ensure the quality of our artificial turf. will always be like new.

Chăm sóc cỏ nhân tạo

  • Spraying water on hot days: Especially artificial turf in the inner city on hot summer days, outdoor temperatures fluctuate high, even over 40 degrees Celsius. This will cause the grass to quickly discolor, Decreased quality – loose, rotten, damaged. Watering the grass on sunny days will help lower the temperature, keeping the artificial grass always green and meeting quality standards.
  • Regular maintenance of artificial grass: Artificial grass also needs regular care and maintenance to maintain standard quality. Maintenance will cause loose, curly, or heat-rotted patches of turf to be added.

The article on LUX98 SPORT answered the question “Does artificial grass catch fire?” as well as outline some ways to care for artificial grass and reduce damage caused by heat. Hope you will get useful information. Please contact us immediately if you are in need of artificial turf maintenance. With constantly updated technical technology and extensive working experience, LUX98 SPORT promises to make you most satisfied when Use our lawn maintenance service package.



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