Notes when constructing 2023 International standard tennis artificial turf courts


Sports activities are on the rise today, mainly due to increased health awareness and positive feelings about the benefits of maintaining a healthy life. Outdoor sports and fitness activities, especially tennis, are becoming increasingly popular. This has led to an increase in the construction of artificial tennis courts, however, the costs of this can be quite significant and require a reasonable development plan. Therefore, you need to keep in mind the following things when constructing a tennis court!

Construction of international standard tennis artificial turf field 2023

Tennis has become popular and is chosen by many people to exercise after a hard day of work. So this seems to be a golden opportunity for investors with foresight. To construct an international standard tennis artificial turf field, many factors are required and the amount of money spent is not less than hundreds of millions. Therefore, you need to research carefully before starting construction to avoid unfortunate risks.

  • Tennis court construction dimensions

Tennis courts are divided into many different sizes to serve different purposes such as tournaments, training, and entertainment every day.

  • 40.23m x 20.12: Minimum standards for Grand Slam tournaments
  • 36.57m x 18.29m: ITF standard (International Tennis Federation)
  • 34.75m x 17.07m: Standard for tennis clubs
  • 33.53m x 16.46m: For family use
  • Tennis court direction

Court direction is very important in tennis court construction, so make sure to avoid sunlight shining directly into the players’ eyes. The most ideal yard direction is North – South.

  • ITF standard tennis court surface slope

The pitch slope should be set according to ITF standards to ensure the pitch has good drainage and is not permeable or flooded. The standard slope of the field surface must be at least 0.83% and not exceed 1%.

  • Lighting system, fence, netting

The light bulbs used at the yard are 1000W specialized light bulbs. Each yard has 8 light poles divided evenly across the two vertical sides to ensure lighting when playing at night. Depending on the investor’s needs, there are different fence areas, but you can choose fences with the following heights:

H= 3.6m; H= 4.2m; H=5.4m to ensure the ball does not fly out of the field.

The surrounding area should be covered with B40 mesh with 3.5mm thread, each 5cm cell is firmly welded to avoid damage when hitting the mesh.

What costs are needed to invest in artificial turf construction?

The artificial turf business is being eyed by investors and seizing the opportunity to develop and build tennis courts to gain high profits. To start constructing a tennis artificial turf court, you need to learn about the costs that must be paid during the implementation process such as: Cost of renting land for the court, cost of making the field foundation and cost of buying artificial grass.

  • Cost of renting land for tennis courts

When renting land, investors need to pay attention to finding locations in crowded residential areas, urban areas or companies to attract many potential customers. It is necessary to survey the price of the land, the location of the land, the type of ground (high, low, flat, rough, etc.) to avoid buying land that contains hidden underground veins and is prone to subsidence…

  • Cost of yard foundation

This is the “heaviest” cost in the total investment cost of artificial turf construction. Depending on the high, low, flat or rough land area, the cost of materials and labor also changes accordingly. .

  • Cost of buying artificial grass

Artificial grass is often used in construction because of its convenience, easy maintenance and more competitive price than other types. Not only that, artificial turf also ensures safety because of its high elasticity, reducing impact on players’ muscles, thereby minimizing the possibility of injury.

The unit specializes in constructing artificial grass for tennis courts

To have a good tennis court without having to worry about maintenance issues, you should look for a reputable sports court construction unit on the market today. LUX98 Sport has experience in constructing more than 1,000 lawns in 3 Southeast Asian regions, taking prestige as trust for customers, we always invest carefully from the smallest stages. With a team of experienced engineers and professional workers, we always follow every square meter of grass to bring the best finished products to customers.

Hopefully the above sharing will help you better understand tennis artificial turf construction standards. Helps you easily make choices that suit your needs and economy. Please contact us for more in-depth advice!



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