Choose beautiful artificial turf for apartments – Artificial turf construction price 2022

High Quality Artificial Grass by Lux98 Sports

Artificial grass not only makes your home green but also highly aesthetic. Therefore, the trend of artificial grass decoration is increasingly on the rise with a variety of styles and designs for you to choose from. Let’s take a look at the price of artificial turf construction and the most popular decorative grass models today!

What types of grass are suitable for apartments?

The current decoration trend of apartments seems to be moving closer to nature. Therefore, many customers are gradually learning about artificial grass products to decorate their apartments. However, not all products are suitable for decorating apartment walls. Below are some “good candidates” for you to use in your apartment!

Artificial turf

Artificial grass carpets are usually made from high-quality, long-lasting Plastic, Polyester, and Polyethylene fibers that are 90% similar to natural grass. The product is used to decorate areas in the apartment because of its durability, beauty, quality, and is easy to clean when dusty. Artificial grass is often produced in carpet form and linked together with screws or glue.

Plastic sheet made of leaves

This is also the type of grass most commonly used for decoration, with more diverse designs than artificial grass, so the price is often higher. Plastic grass panels are usually 40cmx60cm in size, and can be connected together with spikes and holes to form a large array.

Because of the eye-catching colors, diverse designs and the ability to flexibly combine and create shapes, these are the reasons why families living in apartments should choose artificial turf to decorate their apartments more aesthetically and fresh. In addition, each apartment building often has uniform regulations regarding interior and exterior, so installing decorative artificial grass helps families comply with the apartment’s regulations but still have a garden. as the. In addition to choosing the right grass model for your apartment, you should refer to the price of artificial turf construction to estimate your budget!

Ideas for constructing artificial turf in apartments

With just white gravel, a few small plant beds, sand and artificial grass, you can create a poetic garden in your own apartment. But some homeowners are still wondering how to decorate their garden, so let’s take a look at some artificial grass decoration ideas for your garden, terrace or balcony!

  • Combine artificial grass with other decorations such as wooden furniture, rattan and bamboo baskets to create a cozy and intimate space.
  • Filling the space on the wall on the balcony or terrace with plastic panels made of leaves, knowing how to choose the type of grass will help you have a dreamy miniature garden without worrying too much about hygiene. creatures, insects.
  • A rooftop garden is the ideal place for families to gather together. Lay a layer of artificial grass in the middle of the yard and add a layer of flat gravel or pea gravel around to create a smooth surface to help you have a space for family reunions and children can run and play on their own. without worrying about getting hurt.
  • Choosing high-quality artificial grass to fill gaps under floors and plant beds, combined with gravel, outdoor floor tiles and other artificial plants will help keep your garden clean. and more unique. Artificial grass is not only durable but also easy to clean and maintain, but sometimes it is inevitable to buy poor quality grass. Therefore, you should research many places and refer to the price of artificial turf construction to be able to have a garden as desired.

LUX98 Sport – A reputable place to choose artificial grass

With experience in constructing more than 1,000 lawns in Vietnam and internationally, LUX98 Sport is always the top choice when customers intend to construct their own lawns. With the criteria of taking prestige and quality as trust for customers, we always provide high quality services at costs 20% lower than the market. Currently, artificial turf construction prices have 3 prices as follows:

  • Cheap artificial turf: 4.49– 5.73 Dollar/m2
  • Average artificial turf: 5.73 – 7.21 Dollar/m2
  • High quality artificial turf: 7.62– 10.30 Dollar/m2



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