When is the right time to maintain artificial turf?


Artificial turf maintenance is necessary to maintain the turf and its accessories in the best condition to serve customers and maintain the longevity of the artificial turf. So when is the best time to maintain your soccer field? Let’s explore the article below to find out when is the right time to restore your yard.

Structure of artificial turf football field

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A complete artificial turf field is made up of the subfloor, base stone, artificial turf layer, sand layer, and rubber granules on top. The structure of an artificial turf field is quite special with many different layers including:

  • Lower base: is the ground surface used to build details for the artificial turf field. Before construction, the subgrade will be cleaned and the necessary subgrade compaction operations will be performed.
  • Base stone: a layer of stone spread on the subsurface to create good compression and bearing capacity for the yard. And crushed stone is a commonly used stone at this stage.
  • Artificial turf layer: the main material used to cover the surface of the artificial turf field, it has the same appearance as real grass.
  • Top layer of sand and rubber: after spreading the artificial turf layer, sand and rubber will also be spread evenly on the field to complete the turf construction process.

The importance of artificial turf maintenance

After 4-5 years of operation on an artificial turf soccer field, the normal grass surface will become worn and sandless, leading to a hard and dusty field surface and the field will gradually lose visitors.

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Instead of having to invest in a new and expensive turf surface, we can use an intensive maintenance plan for the turf surface, which helps extend the lifespan of the field by 2 years of use and the quality is still guaranteed.

So when is the appropriate time to maintain a football field?

According to the survey, most common time that soccer field owners want to maintain is 4-5 years depending on the performance of each field. However, to increase value as well as ensure quality to attract customers to your stadium, your soccer field must be upgraded soon. For a new stadium, after about 3 years, we can maintain and restore it. Special equipment facilities are the turf of the football field.

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When the following signs appear, it is time for you to maintain your yard

  • The grass fibers are broken, have split ends, and do not stand straight like when they were first made.
  • The field surface is slippery, sandy, and dusty, especially during the dry or sunny season.
  • The field surface may have a few concave streaks and not be as flat as before.
  • The court surface lost all the rubber, the ball slid too fast and the ball’s bounce was uneven

So turf maintenance is very necessary, it helps your soccer field attract more customers and also increases the value of your soccer field brand.

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