The most professional artificial grass construction service in 2023


Choosing artificial grass, along with a reputable artificial grass construction service, is not easy. There are many factors to consider, including durability, softness, elasticity, load-bearing capacity, drainage ability and waterproofing ability. In addition, artificial grass must be produced by reputable manufacturers, meeting international quality standards and certifications to ensure safety and sustainability during use.

Currently, there are many units providing artificial grass construction services, but to choose a reputable unit, you need to have a lot of knowledge in this artificial grass market. Follow this article with us to learn more about the experience of choosing a construction unit as well as quality artificial grass at a reasonable price!

LUX98 SPORT provides quality soccer field supplies – reasonable prices

LUX98 SPORT always puts customers’ interests first. That’s why LUX98 SPORT always selects suppliers carefully, to meet the needs of stadium owners from quality to reasonable price. So you can rest assured when choosing LUX98 SPORT as your companion on your soccer field business path. LUX98 SPORT will introduce a few famous suppliers for you to refer to and entrust your yard to us:

cỏ AVG

First is the grass category, we trust and choose AVG as the artificial grass supplier. AVG has an international artificial grass product line – the world’s leading artificial grass supplier. Meets AVG’s FIFA Quality and FIFA Quality Pro standards (fully certified for fiber lines and FIFA-certified courts). Besides, AVG produces reputable artificial grass lines at reasonable prices suitable for all markets. That’s why we choose AVG as our artificial grass supplier. So accompanying us is absolutely the right thing to do.

cỏ AVG

In turn, we always select suppliers who produce good quality products at reasonable prices for the following materials: beads, nets, sand, and LUX98 SPORT cables. Because we know what yard owners need, to respond and support you in the best way.

The most dedicated and reputable artificial grass construction service today

With the aim of meeting customer needs, LUX98 SPORT’s artificial grass construction unit increasingly focuses on providing dedicated and quality services. At LUX98 SPORT we will provide you:

  • Thoroughly consult and understand the needs and requirements of customers before starting construction.
  • Explain each construction stage in detail to customers
  • Choose reputable construction materials, especially quality at reasonable prices
  • Commitment to on-time warranty when customers need support.

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