LUX98 Sport constructs the most prestigious and quality artificial grass in 2023

Currently, many soccer field owners choose artificial grass for soccer fields. Because the outstanding advantages of artificial grass are its ability to maintain freshness and beauty in all weather conditions, including hot weather or heavy rain. Artificial grass does not require regular watering and does not need to be mowed as often as natural grass. This saves water and maintenance effort. So one of the equally important things is to choose a reputable artificial grass construction unit with a reasonable price for the yard owner. Please follow this article with us to choose a quality material supplier and reputable construction team!

Standard structure of artificial grass

Compounds for synthetic turf - Goter Thermoplastic Compound

According to FIFA standards, the FIFA standard artificial turf structure includes six layers as follows:

  • Lower base: This is the base of the artificial turf field. A solid and well-treated foundation is the first important factor in having a quality artificial turf field.
  • Base stone: Base stone is a layer of material spread on the subfloor to create compression, hardness and bearing capacity for the yard. Usually, solid rock is used to make the base rock.
  • Artificial turf: This is a layer of material that resembles real grass and is used to cover artificial turf. Artificial turf consists of artificial fibers of varying lengths and densities, creating a surface on which athletes can play football.
  • Top layer of sand and rubber: After covering the artificial grass layer, apply a layer of sand and rubber on the field surface. The sand layer helps balance the hardness and elasticity of the court surface, while the rubber layer helps increase grip and reduce friction for the ball and shoes.
  • Drainage system: For artificial turf fields, a drainage system is built to ensure water does not stagnate on the field surface. This system typically includes a padding layer under the turf and drainage holes to direct water away from the field.
  • Watering system: Some artificial turf fields need to be watered to maintain humidity and cool the field surface. The watering system includes pipes and sprinklers installed under the artificial turf. This is the basic structure of a FIFA standard artificial turf field. However, structural details may vary depending on the manufacturer and specific requirements of each artificial turf field.

According to FIFA standards, an artificial turf field has 6 layers as shown above: Artificial grass is applied to many different types of projects: garden artificial grass, wall-mounted artificial grass, soccer field artificial grass. Rocks, etc. also have quite similar structures.

Structure of artificial turf football field

To have a quality football field, the most important factor is to choose a reputable artificial turf construction unit that is highly skilled and has the heart and vision.

The artificial turf field is made up of 4 layers, each layer will have different uses and technical requirements, specifically:

  • Lower base: The base of the artificial turf field. A solid, well-treated ground surface is the first factor to have a quality artificial turf surface.
  • Base stone: This is a layer of material spread on the subfloor to help create compression, hardness, and bearing capacity for the yard. Usually, crushed stone is used to apply.
  • Artificial turf: is a material similar to real grass, often used to cover artificial turf.
  • Top layer of sand and rubber: after covering the field with artificial turf, cover the field with sand and rubber.

Below are the dimensions of the goal lines and goal lines for 5, 7 and 11-person football fields:

5-a-side football field:

  • Goal line: From 15m to 25m.
  • Vertical border: From 25m to 42m.

7-a-side football field:

  • Goal line: From 40m to 55m.
  • Vertical border: From 50m to 75m.

11-player football field:

  • Goal line: From 68m to 84m.
  • Vertical border: From 105m to 114m.

These dimensions can vary depending on the owner’s requirements and desired yard area.

Latest artificial turf construction process in 2023

At LUX98 SPORT, we always choose reputable artificial grass construction units to meet the needs of customers in today’s market.

The artificial turf construction process in 2023 is carried out according to the following steps:

  1. Survey and design: First, the construction unit will conduct a survey of the area where the artificial turf field needs to be built. Then, based on the customer’s requirements, they will design an artificial turf field suitable to the size and purpose of use.
  2. Foundation preparation: This process includes excavating the soil, removing unwanted materials, and the foundation will be prepared to create a solid bottom surface and ensure good drainage.
  3. Installation of water system: The construction unit will install a water system under the yard to ensure effective drainage and avoid flooding.
  4. Mixing materials: After the foundation has been prepared, materials such as sand, gravel, and rubber will be leveled to create a stable bottom surface for the artificial turf field.
  5. Installing artificial turf: Next, the artificial turf will be installed on the prepared surface. Artificial turf panels will be cut and joined to create a smooth and uniform field surface.

  6. Support structures: Depending on the requirements of the field, a number of support structures such as water systems, borders, and protective nets can be installed to increase the professionalism and safety of the artificial turf field.

  7. Completion and inspection: Finally, the remaining stages will be completed such as stringing the border ropes, cleaning the field surface and checking quality to ensure the artificial turf field meets standards and is ready for use.

The artificial turf construction process is carried out by experts and reputable artificial turf construction units with experience in this field to ensure the quality and durability of the artificial turf field.

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