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Overview of the soccer field model combining artificial grass with natural grass, the most creative design today

Nowadays, artificial grass or natural grass football fields are no longer strange to us. However, due to increasing human needs. It requires us to upgrade and make breakthroughs to create the most choices to meet those needs. And one of the most ideal breakthroughs in the field of sports field construction is the harmonious combination of artificial grass and natural grass in a football field.
LUX98 SPORT is one of the leading companies in Cambodia in the field of construction and supply of materials for sports fields. Having created success in this industry with a variety of construction projects, the most groundbreaking and proud of which is the soccer field construction project combining artificial grass and natural grass on one soccer field surface.
If you want to learn how the combination of artificial grass and natural grass goes together. Are there any outstanding advantages that sports fans want to experience? Then please follow the article below!
LUX98 SPORT took inspiration from the Bird’s Nest Stadium in China, carefully researched and reviewed and came up with a method of combining hybrid structure system and Combograss system.
Sân vận động tổ chim

Hybrid system structure diagram (artificial grass surface combined with natural grass)

  • Hybrid grass layer:
Hybrid grass (also known as hybrid grass) is a type of grass created by crossing two different grass species. This hybridization process aims to combine positive characteristics from different grass species to create a new type of grass with notable advantages.
  • Build the base layer according to FiFa standards
  • Sow natural grass
  • Natural grass grows on artificial turf
  • Transported by refrigerated vehicle
  • Spread Combograss on the field
  • Dig the foundation 40cm deep
  • Water supply system
  • Spread a 10cm thick base layer of stone
  • Spread a layer of soil 27cm thick
  • Mixed layer (filler sand) 3cm
All stages have been carefully researched and reviewed by technical experts in each process. To ensure the performance and aesthetics of the system, specialized maintenance methods are used.

Advantages of football fields when using natural grass

A natural grass soccer field is a field planted with natural grass to meet the needs of soccer matches. Although artificial turf soccer fields are currently popular, natural turf fields still retain their popularity thanks to their outstanding advantages.
Hybrid turf is often developed in the turfgrass industry, golf courses, soccer fields and other areas that require turf that is durable, abrasion resistant and responds well to environmental conditions. Hybrid grasses often have a strong root system, the ability to withstand pressure and grow quite well. At the same time, hybrid grass also has a higher cost than other conventional grass types.
  •   Buffer sand mixed material
  • Artificial grass fibers
  • Artificial grass base layer
  • Natural grass roots
  • Soil layer for natural grass (27cm)
  • Base stone layer (10 cm thick)
  • Natural soil layer
The next part LUX98 SPORT talks more about the Combograss system so you can better understand this breakthrough system.

Combograss system construction process

LUX98 SPORT is inspired by the Combograss grass carpet at Bird’s Nest National Stadium (China). The Combograss grass carpet is China’s first carpet-weaving composite grass system. This is expected to be a grass field system that meets technical standards. highest in FIFA.
sân bóng đá cỏ tự nhiên
To meet standards, natural grass soccer fields need to meet the following criteria:
  • The grass surface must be flat, without undulations. This ensures that when players run on the field, they do not have difficulty covering long distances.
  • Grass on the field must be trimmed and maintained to an ideal height, creating a smooth and even surface. This helps players control the ball accurately and easily.
  • The soil under the grass layer should not be too wet or too dry. Soil conditions must ensure enough moisture to support grass growth, but not too wet, causing slipping, or too dry, making it difficult to maintain the freshness and green color of the grass.
  • Nursery before being planted on the football field. Normally, ginger leaf grass is sold in carpet rolls with dimensions of about 0.5×4 m/roll (~2m2/roll).
  • The construction cost of a natural grass soccer field with ginger leaf grass and carpet rolls usually ranges from 3 dollar/m2 to 6 dollar VND/m2, depending on the product and customer requirements. The above price includes both lawn supply and construction work.
  • After planting, the grass will be handed over to the investor and he will be responsible for taking care of and maintaining the yard.
  • In addition, natural turf care also includes tasks such as adding sand, renting light rollers and using stimulants, but the prices for these factors are not included in the above price. If you have the funds, customers can also choose a service that combines construction and lawn care at a higher price.
Conclusion: The perfect combination of artificial grass and natural grass using the above two systems has helped the world and domestic sports industry in general to increasingly develop. If you want a soccer field with this perfect combination, contact LUX98 SPORT immediately!