Today PADEL TENNIS (Padel Tennis) is a new sport that is attracting the attention of many people around the world. It is a delicate combination of Tennis and Squash. With this harmonious combination, Padel has quickly become an interesting choice for those who love sports under the sun.

Understanding the increasing demand for sports in Vietnam, we at LUX98 SPORT have constantly strived to provide new sports models, fully meeting the desires and passions of sports fans. . Below LUX98 SPORT has updated the most useful information about the sport Padel Tennis for investors who want to learn about this type!

Padel Tennis artificial turf structure and system

Padel Tennis (Paddle Tennis): is a sport that uses rackets and balls like Tennis with a smaller court size and about 25-30% softer cotton.

The basic structure of the Padel Tennis court includes:

  • Court size: Padel Tennis court is rectangular, with a relatively smaller size than a traditional tennis court. The standard size of a Padel yard is usually about 10m wide and 20-30m long.
  • Walls: The Padel field has four rubber walls around it, allowing the ball to hit and rebound from the wall, adding a unique and tactical element to the sport. The surrounding wall is mounted about 3m above the yard and has a layer of wooden planks on top.
  • Net: The net is placed horizontally in the middle of the court, like in tennis. Padel nets are lower than tennis nets and are usually located at a height of about 88 cm in the center and 92 cm on the sides.
  • Playing area: The field is divided into two parts by a series of lines similar to a tennis court, with the front part (the area near the net) and the back part (the area far from the wall).
  • Stairs area: At two corners of the court, there are stair areas so players can go up and down the wall when they need to hit the ball from near the wall.
  • Lighting: Since Padel Tennis is usually played in fair weather conditions, natural light is usually sufficient. However, some Padel courts are also equipped with artificial lighting for play at night.


Padel Tennis artificial turf system

Specialized artificial grass for tennis courts often uses a special fiber design, with a smooth grass surface, meeting the continuous movement requirements of athletes. With only an area of 200m2, you can own a professional tennis space.
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“Unique” Rules for Playing Padel Tennis

In Padel Tennis, players will feel the appeal of playing the ball over the wall, the subtle strategy, and the thrill of keeping the ball from touching the ground twice. Played as a pair, Padel also provides a great opportunity to build relationships and interact with teammates, while also challenging the cooperation and agile interaction between all four players on the field.
Padel Tennis is a sport that combines tennis and squash, with specific rules to ensure the match is legal and fair. The game usually takes place in pairs and both teams take turns playing and exchanging places. Here are some basic rules of Padel Tennis:

Yard size and paint color

Padel Tennis matches take place on a standard court measuring 20m x 10m, colored blue, green or clay.

Padel Players and Rackets

Each Padel match is played between two opposing teams, each team having two players. Players use Padel rackets according to standards.

The first decision

Before each match, players will toss a coin. The winner has the right to choose whether they want to serve first or choose their side of the court to start.

First serve

 The match begins with a serve, which must be performed with an underhand shot but like tennis, the ball must pass diagonally across the opponent’s court.

Goal of the match

Both opposing teams try to score more points than their opponents.

How to calculate points

The opposing team wins points when one of the following situations occurs:
  • The ball touches the field twice.
  • The ball touches you or your teammate.
  • The ball touches the fence or other equipment before crossing the net or entering the opponent’s court (considered out of bounds).


The match consists of 3 sets

Each Padel match consists of 3 sets, each set includes 6 games. The team that wins 2 out of 3 sets will be considered the final winner of the match. Thus, Padel Tennis has attracted the attention of many people with its unique combination of elements from tennis and squash. These game rules help ensure fairness and fun for each match.
In short, there is no doubt that the sport has been attracting more and more attention from sports lovers. In particular, the development of sports models has achieved significant achievements. It is known that LUX98 SPORT is always a pioneer in updating the latest construction trends, bringing creativity and class to investors. If you are looking for detailed information or would like direct consultation, please contact us immediately. LUX98 SPORT commits to accompanying you to realize these unique and impressive sports ideas!