The most prestigious artificial grass for soccer fields in 2023

Artificial grass is a large and long-term investment in which the determining factor for the success of the project is the quality of artificial grass. However, not everyone knows how to evaluate the quality of grass, so in today’s article we would like to share important things to keep in mind to choose the most reputable artificial grass in 2023. Hopefully this information will help. will help you choose quality artificial grass that suits your requirements.

Things to know when choosing artificial grass

First you need to master the basic technical specifications

  • Color fastness level of artificial grass
  • Artificial grass fiber material
  • Artificial grass has high primary content
  • Check parameters (Dtex)
  • Base layer of artificial turf
  • Certificate and warranty from supplier
  • Intensity of use of artificial grass

First you must have a basic understanding of the basic parameters of artificial turf for football fields

Because there are currently many types of artificial grass for football fields on the market, customers are surely very confused about choosing a reputable quality artificial grass that suits their needs. Below is some useful information for your reference:

For football fields, the length of artificial grass is mainly 50mm; garden about 30mm; tennis court is about 10mm – 20mm

Basic specifications of artificial grass

  • Pile height – Height of grass fibers. Calculated in mm. For soccer field artificial grass, it is usually 40mm – 60mm.
  • Stitch rate – Stitch density. Is the number of needles per 100 cm of grass row. The most common number of stitches in popular products on the market is about 140 – 160 stitches.
  • Dtex – Dtex is the mass in grams of 10,000 meters long of all grass fibers in the same clump (1 tuft) of grass. cluster (1 tuft) of grass. For example: Diamond grass 13000Dtex (12 strands) means weighing 10,000 meters of all 12 strands/clusters will give a weight of 13000 grams. The higher the Dtex, the thicker and better the artificial grass will be, the stronger it will be able to withstand the force acting on it and will be more durable under environmental factors (temperature, humidity,…)
  • Quality artificial grass has uniform color, UV resistance, and color durability for many years. Whether water or harsh weather impacts, it is difficult to cause artificial grass to fade. Therefore, when buying artificial grass, you should carefully consider the color of the artificial grass fibers and the artificial grass warranty period of the supplier.
  • Artificial grass fiber material 1
    • Currently, to meet standards, artificial grass needs to be made from environmentally friendly materials and ensure high durability. Grass components are usually jute, plastic or polyester. High quality grass will be made of Polyester for high quality and better elasticity. You should not choose artificial grass made from recycled materials because they do not guarantee durability or environmental friendliness.
    • In addition, there are some types of artificial grass woven with silk fibers to help increase the softness of the grass surface while also increasing the sturdiness of the artificial grass clumps.
    • Artificial grass has high primary content
    • There is no specific number about this information, you can only recognize them through physical contact. When you touch the artificial grass fibers, you will feel soft, smooth and supple, different from the rough, hard feeling of highly doped grass fibers. This type of grass is durable and highly resilient. Even after being exposed to the sun for a few hours, the grass fibers are still soft and flexible, not rough, brittle, or easily broken.
  • Base layer of artificial turf

To check whether the base layer of the artificial grass carpet is good or not. You need to evaluate the following factors:

    • Number of base layers: The number of artificial grass base layers is usually 2-3 layers. But the sole has 3 layers of higher quality. Because they help make the lawn structure stronger and more durable. Therefore, when choosing high quality artificial grass, you should consider this carefully.
    • Base layer quality: Affects the ability of artificial grass to spin fibers later. If the base layer is of poor quality, the thread resistance will only last 1-3 years. Because the connection between the artificial grass clumps and the base is low, after only using it for a while, the grass fibers will be pulled out of the base layer. You can check the quality of the base layer by gently folding the artificial grass sample. If the base layer is not good, cracks will appear on the surface.
    • Base layer composition: You should choose an artificial grass base layer made of PP plastic canvas with a layer of pressed cotton in the middle or a bonded mesh layer, a layer of chemical glue to protect the grass feet. PP plastic is a soil-insoluble material that can withstand the effects of rain and sun.
    • Additionally, one thing you need to keep in mind is that in some cases there will be a difference between the sample the supplier sends you and the actual product. For example, the sample the supplier sends you is about 180 stitches/m, the distance is exactly 3/8 inch, but the actual grass roll when measured is only 178 or 179 stitches/m, which is difficult to see with the naked eye. If it’s just a grass sample measuring 20*30 cm, when measuring the parameters, it will be standard. If the deviation is very small, however, if this loss amount is up to 50, for example, it will be a large number.

Certification information from the supplier

If you want to choose a quality grass for your soccer field, this is also an important factor.

  • Certificate and warranty from supplier

Any quality artificial grass product also has full information about its origin, quality, and clear basic parameters. A reputable artificial grass supplier will always ensure the quality of its grass through its commitment in the warranty.

Therefore, at LUX98 SPORT we always put customers’ needs first. Before choosing and collaborating with a grass supplier, we take a lot of time to research and carefully consider the quality, reputation and price of the product. To meet the needs of customers in the current soccer field artificial turf market.

Where to buy the best quality artificial grass in 2023?

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Màu sắc của cỏ nhân tạo

It’s a real story and probably useful to the yard owner. So when investing in a football field, be a wise customer. But now, please rest assured that we have LUX98 SPORTS to take care of those worries. LUX98 SPORTS provides the most reputable soccer field construction and materials unit today.

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