LUX98 Sports provides the most prestigious artificial turf & construction services today


The most prestigious artificial turf construction service in 2023

Currently on the market there are many units that construct and supply artificial grass. Therefore, it is difficult for customers to choose a construction unit that also provides reputable and affordable artificial grass. But at LUX98 SPORT, stadium owners can rest assured about reputation and price. Because LUX98 SPORT owns a team of highly skilled construction and technical staff with experience in building thousands of large and small football fields. So to achieve these titles, what did LUX98 SPORT do? Please follow the article below.

LUX98 SPORT provides quality soccer field supplies – reasonable prices

LUX98 SPORT always puts customers’ interests first. That’s why LUX98 SPORT always selects suppliers carefully, to meet the needs of stadium owners from quality to reasonable price. So you can rest assured when choosing LUX98 SPORT as your companion on your soccer field business path. AT SPORT will introduce a few famous suppliers for you to refer to and entrust your yard to us:

First is the grass category, we trust and choose AVG as the artificial grass supplier. AVG has an international artificial grass product line – the world’s leading artificial grass supplier. Meets AVG’s FIFA Quality and FIFA Quality Pro standards (fully certified for fiber lines and FIFA-certified courts). Besides, AVG produces reputable artificial grass lines at reasonable prices suitable for all markets. That’s why we choose AVG as our artificial grass supplier. So accompanying us is absolutely the right thing to do.

Cỏ nhân tạo sân vườn

In turn, we always select suppliers who produce good quality products at reasonable prices for the following materials: beads, nets, sand, and LUX98 SPORT cables. Because we know what yard owners need, to respond and support you in the best way.

LUX98 SPORT offers solutions to attract customers – supporting increased revenue for football stadiums

Below, LUX98 SPORT will summarize the experiences gathered after nearly 20 years in the soccer field business.

First you should choose the location of your artificial turf business

Before starting any business, geographical location is a very important thing in business.

You must carefully consider the location of the yard, which must be densely populated, near schools, markets or shopping centers, to ensure it attracts a certain number of customers who regularly visit the yard. At the same time, ensure factors affecting customers such as price, traffic, yard location,…

Tình trạng mục nát, gãy đứt của đế cỏ nhân tạo

In addition, you need to survey competitors around the location of the yard construction as well as carefully observe the market to come up with business plans as well as compete most appropriately with customer files.

Second, expand relationships – promote the football field

If you run a soccer field business to increase quality visitors in the long run, you should expand your relationships, such as regularly interacting with youth union groups. Promote your soccer field to local groups to bring your soccer field closer to potential customers.

Third, increase revenue by selling additional products

If you already have a certain number of customers, but you want to expand your business. We can suggest you sell additional drinks or snacks next to the yard. Or if your locality develops sports activities, you should consider selling sports equipment or clothing. Not only that, you can expand online channels to sell the above items. If you follow this order, I believe you will get your capital back and get the most profits back the fastest. Shorten the time to measure and calculate profits.