“Safety Solution for Artificial Grass Football Fields: SEPP Pads and Standard Black Rubber Granules”

To build a quality artificial football field, it is not only necessary to choose beautiful and durable artificial grass, but also need to consider many other factors such as ground quality, construction techniques, lighting system, etc. Rubber granules, sand, and Shockpad. Why do we call this a “SAFE” solution for artificial football fields?
Basic structure of a football field:
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Sports activities are beneficial for health, but if not done properly, it can cause injuries to participants, affecting their health. Nowadays, football fans increasingly encounter injury problems when playing on artificial turf, including dislocations, broken bones, and even traumatic brain injuries. This makes ensuring SAFETY the most important factor for an artificial soccer field.
So how can we minimize the risk of injury on artificial turf? After a series of experiments and tests, we have determined that the use of SEPP shockpads with TPE rubber granules, combined with artificial turf provided by LUX98 SPORT, can reduce Risk of injury while playing and competing on artificial turf.
Characteristics of SEPP mattress:
SEPP padding is an important support product for artificial turf fields and uses a new generation material called EPP, a popular material in the production of automobiles and labor helmets. After much research and testing, we have found that this material has the ability to withstand force and absorb impact effectively. Even when used in high-friction sports like rugby, it still helps reduce the risk of injury and protects athletes’ safety. SEPP pads are also designed with under-surface drainage channels to increase drainage and maintain turf performance after rain. This product also complies with FIFA standards and cannot be compared with imitation products on the market in terms of quality.
Tấm đệm shock SEPP
Characteristics of standard black rubber beads at LUX98 SPORT:
Rubber granules are an important element in artificial turf construction, and we always choose standard black rubber granules with the advantages of environmental protection and elasticity. Standard black rubber granules are produced through the synthesis of elastomers and thermoplastics to ensure the ability to reduce friction, increase force absorption, elasticity and minimize the risk of injury in sports. We have adopted a four-leaf clover design to maximize seed saturation and increase the elasticity of the turf surface.
Standard black rubber beads also have a sturdy structure that prevents them from washing away when it rains. Like SEPP pads, TPE rubber granules are reusable and environmentally safe.
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