Mini Football Field Business on Agricultural Land – Important Conditions and Regulations to Know!

LUX98 SPORT recently updated questions from artificial turf soccer field investors and the most interested question is: “Is it possible to run a mini soccer field business on agricultural land?” Below is the important information that LUX98 SPORT has gathered after many years of consulting for local football stadium investors about the above case.

Is it possible to run an artificial turf football field business on agricultural land?

Running a mini soccer field business on agricultural land can be an attractive business opportunity, but this requires you to comply with a series of important conditions and regulations that you may not know about!
  • Use land for the right purpose, within the boundaries of the land plot, in accordance with regulations on using underground depth and overhead height, protecting underground public works and complying with other provisions of law related.
  • Land users are responsible for using land for the right purpose. Business cases on agricultural land are considered land use for wrong purposes. Accordingly, this is considered a violation of the law and may be punished according to regulations.
However, the mini soccer field business model is still allowed by the state when you comply with the regulations and satisfy the following conditions (below we will share information about this issue.)

How to get a license to operate an artificial turf soccer field on agricultural land?

According to LUX98 SPORT’s research, operating a mini soccer field on agricultural land may be allowed, however, you need to follow the specific regulations and conditions of the area and local laws. This may vary by country, state or province, and requires you to consider some of the following factors:
  • Local laws and regulations: You need to check your local laws and regulations to see if operating a mini soccer field on agricultural land is allowed. Additionally, you need to check to see if there are specific yard regulations that need to be followed.
  • Agricultural land: If you use agricultural land to build a mini soccer field, you need to ensure that using this land for business purposes is legal. It may be necessary to carry out formalities and obtain permission from the local land management agency.
  • Building a soccer field: You need to follow construction and safety regulations related to building a mini soccer field. This may include design planning, obtaining construction permits, and ensuring the soccer field meets required safety standards.
  • Business license: You may need to apply for a business license to operate a mini soccer field. Contact your local business regulator for more details about this process.
  • Legal and insurance: Make sure you have the necessary legal contracts and insurance to protect yourself from legal risks and accidents that may occur in your business operations.
In running a mini soccer field business on agricultural land, compliance with local laws and regulations is very important. Understanding and complying with these regulations is the way to ensure that you can operate legally and sustainably.



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