Today, one of the issues that football field investors are most concerned about is lighting for the football field. Because they must carefully choose lighting levels and operating productivity to meet the needs of the players, on the other hand, choose fuel-saving products to make a profit.

And to satisfy the above needs LUX98 SPORTS Lighting LED lighting for soccer fields has become a smart and effective solution for creating high quality lighting on soccer fields. Widely used in stadiums, both indoors and outdoors, LED lights offer many benefits over traditional lighting technologies.

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In an era of increasing growth and sustainable development, finding solutions to save energy and protect the environment has become extremely important. In the field of lighting, LED lights have become an advanced and popular technology widely used around the world.

LEDs, short for Light Emitting Diode, offer many benefits over traditional lighting technologies such as fluorescent and halogen lamps. With the advantages of high brightness, long lifespan, energy saving and no environmental pollution, LED lights are the ideal lighting solution for many uses, including outdoor and indoor spaces. home.

Below LUX98 SPORTS will introduce to investors as well as those who are looking for quality LED lights that save fuel, please watch this introduction.

At LUX98 SPORTS, we provide these two types of lights: High-end LED lights prolux 50w, Mega lux 100w, both of these lines are fuel-saving LED lights, carefully selected by LUX98 SPORTS and demo installed to test the lighting for the vehicles. sports field.

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A typical example is that LUX98 SPORTS recently added 50W to the TENNIS court IN VIETNAM to increase the estimated average brightness from 200 Lux to 300 Lux.

Current Status :
  • The yard is using a 50w LED lighting system with a total power consumption of 32 bulbs with a capacity of 1.8kw.

  • The measured average brightness on the field ranges from 150 lux to 200 lux.

  • Customers reported that the light was not enough to see the ball when it was going fast

Standards for tennis courts.

International and national competitions 750 Class I
Regional competitions, High Level training 500 Class II
Local competition, Training, School and recreational use 300 Class III

A recent question most recognized by LUX98 SPORTS is:

Why are Prolux LED lights the most economical type of light?

Question: With the same capacity of 200w, why is the Prolux 200w LED headlight more economical than other headlights with the same 200w capacity? Sounds ridiculous, right?

  • Answer: Because of the same power consumption, Prolux headlights give twice the brightness (200lumen/watt), compared to the brightness of conventional lights on the market, which is nearly 100lumen/watt. Thus, football stadium owners can see that instead of achieving a certain brightness (temporarily called brightness A), the stadium owner only needs to install a lighting system with a total power consumption of 1.2 kw/h. , while other lights will have to be mounted with double the capacity of 2.4 kw/h. All of these light measurement parameters can be measured objectively with a light meter.

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At LUX98 SPORTS, we always choose quality material suppliers, so if investors are looking for a reputable quality material supplier, please contact LUX98 SPORTS immediately!