Ways to build a drainage system for artificial turf – Systematize the drainage slope of the field

Artificial turf is becoming increasingly popular in the construction of soccer fields, tennis courts and other sports areas. Critical to maintaining the performance and longevity of an artificial turf field is the construction of an effective field drainage system. One of the important elements in this system is the turf drainage slope, which ensures that rainwater or irrigation water does not stagnate on the turf surface.

1. Overview of drainage system for artificial turf

To build an artificial turf drainage slope and drainage system, you can take the following steps:

Step 1: Determine the exact size of the football field:

  • Measure the area and exact dimensions of the soccer field to determine the size of the sidewalk that needs to be built.

Step 2: Make a plan to build sidewalks:

  • Based on the size of the soccer field, decide on the location and size of the sidewalks to limit the field area.

  • Pavements can be constructed of concrete, stone or other suitable waterproof materials.

Step 3: Determine the location and slope of the drainage ditch:

  • Determine the location and direction of drainage ditches around the soccer field.

  • Make sure the trench has a slope so the water can easily drain to the side you desire. This helps avoid standing water and creates a good environment for artificial turf

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Step 4: Build a drainage ditch:

  • Start construction of drainage ditches around the football field with a width of 40-45cm.

  • Make sure the height of the drainage ditch is equal to or lower than the height of the four yard edges to ensure good drainage.

Step 5: Build sidewalks and drainage ditches:

  • Carry out construction of sidewalks and drainage ditches according to the established plan.

  • Make sure sidewalks and drainage ditches are built firmly and sustainably and ensure effective drainage function.

Step 6: Check and complete:

  • After completing construction, check the entire drainage system and pavement to ensure there are no technical errors or damage.

  • If necessary, adjust the height and direction of the drainage ditch to ensure the best drainage effect.

Note: In case the ground for the soccer field is higher than the surrounding area, you can design a sidewalk but do not need to build a drainage ditch, because the water will naturally drain away. However, when the football field is located in a densely populated area or the ground level is lower than the surrounding area, the construction of drainage ditches is necessary to ensure effective drainage and avoid standing water on the field.

2. Two methods of constructing a drainage system to create a drainage slope for the yard surface

Construction of sidewalks and no drainage ditches for artificial turf football fields

This method is often used in artificial turf construction in cases where the land area is small and narrow, and the investor wants short-term business with optimal costs. After making the correct stone foundation, you can build a sidewalk around the lawn with a height of about 20cm, about 5cm higher than the grass surface.

Implementing this type of drainage system helps water easily flow along the surface through the seams to the outside. This will affect the beauty when constructing artificial turf. Furthermore, still reducing the drainage rate can cause waterlogging of the grass if the weather is heavy rain.

Use drainage ditches and trench walls as a curbing system

If the business has enough capital to invest in a large yard area, this method will help the drainage system achieve the highest efficiency in the artificial turf construction process.


According to the football field’s drainage ditch standards, the width and height are equal to 25cm, and the length around the field has a drainage slope of 0.2%. If the drainage system is built this way, the water flow will be directed into the sidewalk system and then flow down the drain to ensure the aesthetics of the yard. The flow rate of water in the yard will be

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